A Word from the President

A word from the President

Dear friends of the plastics industry,

Do you remember the day you decided to make a career in the plastics industry? In my case, I had just received my diploma in Industrial Design at the university and I was looking to specialize in a more specific class of materials. On the advice of the late Mr. Henry Finkel, past president of SPE Quebec, I finally decided to return to Cegep to complete the Plastics Transformation Technical  Program. I fell in love with this field that combines science,  technology,  design and shape forming of highly diverse objects.

In 1993, during my studies, I joined SPE as a Student Representative. I was proud to be part of this professional association that was famous. A journalist told me recently that he was surprised by the level of pride demonstrated by the plastics industry business leaders he interviewed. In fact, if you work in this industry for many years, you probably have the same passion that drives us all.

After more than twenty years, I continue to learn something every week. The world of plastics is always in evolution. Think of the explosion of biopolymers made from corn, shrimp carcasses, algae, maple syrup and even waste; smart polymers that transmit dosed drugs tailored to each patient; the emergence of 3D printers;  new process technologies that form bottles while filling them.

Plastics are in a stimulating universe but unfortunately little known to the general public and to young people. Yet, when I happen to offer a tour of the factory where I work to the uninitiated, they are always surprised and often marveled at the discovery. I heard comments like: "I feel like I am in the show "How It's Made" or "that will completely change my perception of plastics" or even "I am so excited that I have chills!" and yes, I swear I heard these comments!

The few remaining education programs in high schools and colleges are struggling to recruit as many students as the industry would need. So each of us need to promote our industry and share our passion. This is one of the reasons for the SPE. As you know, SPE is a non-profit organization and the Board of Directors is composed of volunteers from the industry. We give merit scholarships to graduates from different schools, we support student projects, we pay their first year of membership, we hold evening lectures at universities, etc.

So when you support us as a sponsor, when you become a member, and when you sign up for one of our activities, your money is helping to educate and influence knowledge in the industry that is yours.

With these words, I conclude by wishing long life to the SPE and I hope that sharing your passion attracts more new workers in the plastics industry.

Marie-France Sosa, President
Plastiques GPR inc.
Sales and Business Development 
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